Why Heaven Can Wait

One day it will happen, we all know it is true,
I’ll cross Rainbow Bridge before some of you do.
As the story is told I approach to cross over,
See my pets, gone before me, and we lose our composure.
Dogs I have loved all my life; just like you,
Are there waiting, with tails wagging, to cross with me too.
I’ll play with and cuddle them all as before
With each of us happy, that is for sure.
And dogs there, never rescued, with no one to meed,
I’ll help them across too for our new life so sweet.
Yes, hug them and stroke them and patiently guide,
Until all I can bring with me are on the right side.

But what of you others, my dogs home, left behind?
You’ll know that I’ve gone, but whereto you can’t find.
What ve your fate when it’s your time to cross?
All alone at the bridge you feel such a loss.
For we’ve all had each other for comfort and fun,
We were always a “Pack”; now alone, one by one.
How will you cross that Rainbow Bridge after I’m through?
Your person’s gone over so what will you do?

Never fear darling ones both the large and the small,
I’ll be waiting for you. It’s still one and for all.
When it’s your time to come for our meeting again,
I’ll be told by an Angel who is really my friend.
When I hear the words that soon you’ll be there,
I’ll gather your buddies and that news will I share.
We old and new pack-members who’ve crossed before you,
Will run back to the Bridge, and here is more that is true.
I may cross again and again to fetch one of my own,
To lead us toward Heaven that will be our new home.
I’ll be there to greet you with your “sisters and brothers”.
And when each of mine crosses I’m allowed to save others.
So more rescues that waited there alone and forlorn,
Can join us in our pack that is being reborn.

The holes left in each heart when we lost one of our pack,
Will be healed by our love as we get us all back.
Heaven Can Wait until we are all there.
Together is Heaven forever to share.